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About Me

At this point Shane is continuing to educate himself in programming languages. He is also working on side projects that include fixing and building computers as well as making apps and games for the Windows PC, Android, and IOS devices.

In 2004 Shane’s interest into computers was born. At a young age Shane was an avid gamer, playing games from the early consoles to the ever so popular PC games of today. The first home computer he used was the Apple II and he wouldn't go back to Apple until late 2007. While playing one of the most popular FPS (First Person Shooter) Half-Life 2, he had noticed that his computer wasn’t preforming how a game should. While doing some research and mostly asking his father. His father had suggested a graphic card as well as more RAM (Random-Access Memory). This would be the first time Shane has opened a computer and saw how it worked for the first time. This would be the turning point for what he wanted to do in his life.

Later on in high school at Whitman-Hanson Regional High School Shane took an HTML and Java class. This would spark yet another interest for Shane to get into. He would create websites in any spare time he had. While in high school he joined the Computer club and would later on win an award for outstanding performance. Not known from many people he's an average chess player only coming in second in a tournament. He loves the thought of the next move in the game and this would later on help him his programming.

In 2009 Shane would continue his education at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology studying Computer Engineering. The Computer Engineering Technology program has provided Shane the knowledge and skills necessary for computer industry positions that address both computer hardware and software needs. During his time at Benjamin Franklin he would take several courses that would further his interest in the hardware and software of computers. On May 21st, 2011 Shane graduated from Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology with an Associate Degree in Engineering.

In 2011 Shane continue his education at Bridgewater State University. He was working towards a Bachelor degree in the computer science field. While at BSU his love of programming was starting to develop. By the beginning of 2013, Shane dropped out of Bridgewater State University struggling with academics.

Determined to achieve a higher degree with computers, In 2013 Shane transferred to Curry College to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. While in his first semester at Curry he had made the dean list and would later join the IT club to become Vice President in 2014. He took several courses in programming learning languages such as Java, C#, C, and C++. In December 2014 Shane graduated with from Curry College with a Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology.

At this point Shane is continuing to educate himself in programming languages while working on many side projects that include fixing, building computers, and as well as making apps and games for the Windows PC, Android, and IOS devices.