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Tabletop Baseball

This is one of my current projects that I have started writing in C#. It based on the old tabletop baseball game where you roll dice to determine balls, strikes, hits, and runs. You'll play standard baseball rules of 9 innings.
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This is an unfinished project that I have started in my free time. It is written in Java and based on the Massachusetts state lottery game Keno. You're able to pick up to 12 numbers and then the computer picks randomly generator numbers (20 to be exact) from 1 to 80. It then displays the numbers. It then checks to see if you have won. What I am planning is to add a game running every 4 minutes, betting system with a central bank as well as individual player money.
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School Project: Window

This application demonstrates inputting your name into a text box, if you’re a male, female or robot. It also uses radio buttons as well as check boxes asking what operating system you use. It also demonstrates saving, loading, clearing the fields as well as exiting the program. This is one of my first college projects.
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